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My Story

About Gail

My Mother and Aunt taught me to sew as a little girl. I had the best dressed Barbie’s of all my friends. Garment construction is my foundation and I’ve made my own clothing since the age of 12. It was my love of sewing that guided me to a degree and career in fashion.

As we’ve all said at times, “life happens” and soon my beloved sewing machine was tucked away in a closet. It was the pandemic of 2020 that reignited my passion and love of sewing and quilting. I’ve been working hard to bring my creative aspirations to life through my many collections. I truly believe that Through fabric and thread we can make special moments last forever. Through my creations I want to offer my customers the opportunity to express their feelings, keep their memories, or just be able to give an original gift for a special occasion. With the love, support, and encouragement of my family and dearest friends I’m embarking on a new journey. I hope you enjoy these creations as much as I have enjoyed making them for you. Your home and kitchen will be functional yet beautiful.

Pin Cushion

One day while browsing my local fabric store I discovered a book about traditional patchwork quilting, and so my love of quilting began. I enjoyed the exactness and precision, yet creativity of making patchwork quilts. All of my friends and family have at least one of my quilted creations.

Q & S is born
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